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Ayahuasca Healing, San Pedro & Traditional Shamanic Apprenticeship Retreat Centre

Preparing ayahuasca

Photo Credit: Alfredo Chavez

For All My Relations. These two weeks here have been the most profound and re-birthing time in my life. It has been a good healing for many layers on my body, soul, spirit. The shamans are doing a wonderful healing work for those who come here. This retreat has opened my heart & mind for universal LOVE. Read more…

Susanne Bryngelsson, SWEDEN

Join our amazing, intensive (now up to FIVE Ayahuasca rituals in your first week) Ayahuasca healing and visionary retreats

Ayahuasca initiation, Meraya rituals & Shamanic Apprenticeship with Amazonian Plant Teachers

Don Antonio collecting Chacruna (Psychotria viridis) leaves

Photo Courtesy: Heberto H. Garcia Ramirez

[…] Reveal us the secrets we need to know.
[…] Now I begin to loose my mind,
when I will be enraptured, I will see

Amawaka Prayer

Ayahuasca-intensive Plant Spirit shamanism, featuring: Amazonian Sweat Lodge, traditional Shipibo Meraya rituals, shamanic diet with Amazonian Plant Teachers, Ayahuasca ceremonies, the Toé Dream Journey, ancestral rituals of spiritual purification and much more!!

Performing the Merayas‘ Medicines’ Smoke Ritual

Photo Credit: Stephan Von Hoff

Not Only Ayahuasca…

Walk the path of Amazonian shamanic apprenticeship and initiation with Plant Teachers Diet. We are the ONLY centre in the Peruvian Amazon where you can genuinely experience the most ancestral, magic and mysterious rituals of the Merayas (the highest Shipibo shamans of ancient times). Read more on the Meraya rituals

Master shaman Don Antonio preparing ayahuasca
Photo Courtesy: Heberto H. Garcia Ramirez

Huachuma (San Pedro) Retreat

Alongside the already unique panorama of shamanic retreats and rituals with plant teachers we offer, we shall soon host San Pedro retreats (4 San Pedro ceremonies & 1 Ayahuasca ritual – or else, 5 San Pedro ceremonies each week), which may be taken on its own, or combined with our Ayahuasca retreats, or the shamanic pre-diet with plant teachers. Learn more about our Huachuma journeys and the San Pedro here.

Preparing the San Pedro
Photo Credit: Clever Hoyos Rengifo

Ceremonies with the San Pedro will now be included as a standard in the traditional long shamanic apprenticeship (3 months onwards) and it will be possible to diet with it as well. The legendary San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi), known also as Huachuma, is – together with Ayahuasca and Toè (Brugmansia suaveolens) – the third most sacred visionary teacher plant in Peru. The Sachamama (Mother Spirit of the Jungle, or Mother Spirit of the Earth) and Yacumama (Mother Spirit of the Waters) rituals will complement – alongside with the Merayas‘ Magical Fire ritual, the Medicines’ Smoke ritual, the Tobacco ritual and a special Meraya ritual of Spiritual Purification – our San Pedro journeys.

Ayawaska brew cooked over a traditional wood-fire
Photo Credit: Stephan Von Hoff

New Ayahuasca Shamanism Retreat Centre Project near Iquitos (Peru): Would you like to get involved??

We are actively looking for new partners and investors willing to contribute – mind, body and spirit – to the creation of a new shamanic and Ayahuasca retreat centre in the Amazon jungle of Peru, near Iquitos. We offer our know-how, local knowledge, marketing, passion, skills and 89+ acres of beautiful, pristine rainforest, full of medicinal plants and teacher trees, where the future centre will be created (alongside an ethnobotanical garden). Read on…

ALL our Ayahuasca-intensive, Shamanic Plant Teachers Diet and Plant Spirit Medicine retreats are ongoing (All Year Round, including the Easter, Christmas and New Year’s periods). Retreat Dates are Individually Customized (subject to availability and payment deadlines). Groups welcome. To reserve your place for our Ayahuasca intensive or Shamanic Apprenticeship retreats, please email us ( To pre-book straight away, please complete and forward us the online booking form and send the correspondent payment for the specific dates and number of weeks/days you would like to stay. Thank you. Serious Inquires Only.

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